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About Us

Who We Are is a website created by veteran Ros Cré Darts League Co-Founder James Kirwan, aided by AMV Publications and its Founder Paddy Ryan.

In 2013 James came up with a plan to get the then three Roscrea Teams to disengage from the then Banagher & District League in a bid for the town to host its own league. Starting with Nine teams in its maiden season the league has rocketed to over twenty teams over a period of eight years. This is mainly down to the vision of a very committee more often than not spearheaded by Kirwan.


Adding the likes of the North Tipperary Darts Championship and the RDL Cup his vision has gotten bigger and bigger for darts throughout.

With Covid-19 ending the darts two years ago we now feel it is a crucial time for darts in Ireland. We are keen to develop this brand with the intention of growing our sport and bringing it to levels we have not seen before.

To have a central website for any or all Darts Leagues across the country would be hugely beneficial to all involved for many reasons.

Throughout the past few years, we have had the Tuborg All Ireland Championship, a competition that has given a hunger towards such events. With this website many leagues and teams will grow to know each other and competitions like above will become more common.

ON THE OCHE will provide automatic fixture systems, tournament charts and league tables amongst others, saving all of the overworked secretaries a lot of work over the season.

ON THE OCHE will over the season then grow relationships with the leagues involved and a new vision will be created amongst us all on how to provide the top competitions our players richly deserve, culminating in a Champions League format for all league winners over time.


ON THE OCHE will promote all fundraisers for each league and help in any way that we can to ensure the success of each fundraiser.

If necessary, we can provide league with online membership payments etc for their individual league and any/all other online desires you may have.

We expect this venture to grow very fast and we would encourage all league to contact us as soon as possible so they can be part of this when their leagues are permitted to start.

Go Raibh Maith Agat

— On The Oche Team

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